Operation Save Jack

Operation Save Jack. Jack is a 23 year old college student and an alumni of Monta Vista High School. I found out at the end of January 2012 from Jack's twin brother Jim, that Jack had Leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant / stem cell donor to survive. Jack had already been searching for a few months and I wanted to find a way to help in his vital quest. I began a photo installation on the campus of Monta Vista High School in February of 2012 and continued with images at the Cupertino Library and local businesses, Bitter + Sweet and the DeAnza Vision Center.

The project began with a 7' x 9' image of a then current student hung on the side of the gym to capture the student body's attention.  Additional images would pop up on campus, sparking curiosity and extending the conversation about Jack, leukemia and bone marrow transplants in general.  These images are a sample of the 45 subjects I shot in total. There are 3 series of images taken of each subject and it's a blessing to be able to show the final series of "million dollar smiles" to signify Jack finding a (bone marrow) match in April 2012. Jack promptly received a bone marrow transplant in May and as of June 2012, he's recovering at home and hopes to continue his battle for survival. Be The One.

Update July 2013:
Jack met his match this summer and it turns out that he is also a MV Alum!
www.aadp.org   www.marrow.org

l-r, Jack's Match, Jason Tzou, Jack, Jim, Brian

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